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An Easy Way to Switch

One app away from having your prescriptions delivered by mail

Learn more about our COVID-19 response >

One app away from having your prescriptions delivered by mail

Learn more about our COVID-19 response >

Prescriptions can be easy with the Humana Pharmacy® app

Simply install and the app will:

  • Walk you through the simple switch to Humana Pharmacy®
  • Help you keep track of all your prescriptions from anywhere
  • Let you quickly refill prescriptions and check order status

Or simply switch online with your Humana member ID

Or simply switch online

  • Always free standard shipping
  • Possible lower copayments
  • $0 copay on generics*
  • Free savings estimate
Humana Pharmacy

Standard shipping is always free and prescriptions are shipped in unmarked, tamper-resistant packaging

Humana Pharmacy

You may have lower copayments with your preferred cost-sharing mail-order benefit

Humana Pharmacy

Your plan may include $0 copay for a 90-day supply of generic medicines*

Humana Pharmacy

Register today to get a no-cost drug savings estimate

  • Mail-delivery convenience
  • Simple prescription transfers
  • Many refill options
  • Convenient ordering
Humana Pharmacy

Prescriptions delivered to the location of your choice—home or office

Humana Pharmacy

Transferring your existing prescriptions is easy by phone, online or mobile device

Convenient refill reminders are available by phone, email or text, or set auto refills**

Humana Pharmacy

Order anytime, anywhere online or with the free Humana Pharmacy mobile app

  • Pharmacist consultation
  • Double-checked for accuracy and safety

Professional pharmacists and clinicians are ready to help answer your questions

All orders are double-checked for accuracy and possible drug interactions

Our expert pharmacy teams can help you explore lower-cost medicine options

“They call the doctor for me...”

"I don't even have to call my doctor. And that takes a lot of weight off of me. Humana Pharmacy is the best."

Valerie, Humana Pharmacy customer

“Humana mail order is the best...”

"It just comes right to your door. And all the medications are always right."

Jim, Humana Pharmacy customer

Your health and safety are always our top priority—now more than ever
Humana Pharmacy is open and will continue to provide high-quality services and medication delivery.
  • Mail delivery of your prescriptions can help to reduce your risk of exposure to illness.
  • Automated prescription dispensing provides an extra level of accuracy and safety for your medicines. 
  • Thoroughly cleaned medication dispensers place pills in bottles, limiting unnecessary human handling of your prescription.
  • Our pharmacists double check your prescription for accuracy before it is shipped.

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Humana Pharmacy is taking extra precautions to protect you.

  • Protecting our medication inventory and preventing product shortages. ​
  • Key vendors have been contacted to determine their plans to sustain their businesses and assess their ability to support Humana Pharmacy.
  • Our employees are using virtual meeting technologies in place of business travel, and many employees are working from home to reduce contact with others.